AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
SL Listening as Relation, an Invocation CTM Festival: Discourse Series – Critical Modes of Listening 2021 SL Invocation (For Z) Touch Compass and Auckland Live 2020 SL Undertow Klosterruine Berlin 2020 SL Sonifying the world Sounding Place 2019 SL Four questions on field recording Engraved Glass Publishing 2017 SL Listening geographies: Landscape, affect and geotechnologies. Progress in Human Geography 2017 SL Of What is Heard and Not Heard Errant Bodies 2016 SL Geopolitics and the Anthropocene: Five propositions for sound Geohumanities 2015 SL Field-Recording: Bellbirds, Melbourne Zoo Untitled 2014 SL Dirty Ear Forum Errant Bodies 2013 SL A sonic geography of the voice: Towards an affective politics Progress in Human Geography 2011 SL Field-Recording: In Dreams, Hamburg Untitled 2011 SL Your Voice is a Suspension of Time New Adventures in Sound Art 2011 SL Field-Recording: Yuen Po Bird Garden, Hong Kong Untitled 2010