AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

talk workshop interview Decolonising aural architectures Somerset House Studios 2024

Panel with Shenece Oretha. Moderated by Mhamad Safa.

Talk notes:
In this conversation moderated by Mhamad Safa, artists AM Kanngieser and Shenece Oretha discuss the aural mechanisms that span the Oceanic to Caribbean geographies.
Both Kanngieser and Oretha’s practices can be said to question the dominant modes of listening in sound art practice. Transcending the boundaries of mere auditory perception, their work unveils and filters sound from technological and environmental sources, transforming these acoustic signals into an encompassing sensory experience. Emphasising the embodied experience of communities, often at the edges of representation in Western sound art, these indigenous oral and aural techniques might convey and reflect on ideas of neocolonialism, settler colonialism and capitalist extraction.
In experiencing their respective work, listening is arguably morphed into an act of witnessing, which the artists will discuss together with researcher and producer Mhamad Safa.

Assembly. Somerset House Studios. 23 March [Online]