AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

academic publication A sonic geography of the voice: Towards an affective politics Progress in Human Geography 2011

This paper seeks to extend disciplinary investigation by calling for a geography of voice and a politics of speaking and of listening. It explores the different characteristics of voices, their affective and ethico- political forces, and how they make public spaces. Through its polyphonic method of text, audio illustrations and recorded interviews with participants in radical political organization, the experience of the paper itself is a political gesture, one that invites the listener-reader to consider the histories, narratives and assumptions that underpin her own reception of them.
Keywords: affect, labour, politics, sound, space, voice

Kanngieser, A 2011 A sonic geography of the voice: Towards an affective politics. Progress in Human Geography 36(3): 336-353. This text is accompanied by audio interviews which can be found HERE

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