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Transversal Geographies

audio works Listening across faultlines: Stories of Oceanic life Deutschland Radio 2023

with Mere Nailatikau and Eliki Reade.

When we listen across fault lines we pay attention to the environments we live in, and are a part of. Pacific cultures have always seen people and ecosystems as interdependent, a relationship that European cultures have long separated, to the detriment of the earth and all who inhabit it. With this series we emphasize the importance of listening, really listening, to better understand how to care for each other. Wherever you are, we hope that you carry these words from Unaisi Nabobo-Baba, Teweiariki Teaero, Philip Tacom, Lydia Jacob and Simione Sevudredre with you.

Kanngieser A, Nailatikau M and Reade E 2023 Listening across faultlines: Stories of Oceanic life. Deutschland Radio, 15 June [Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]