AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

audio works Invocation (For Z) Touch Compass and Auckland Live 2020

Invocation (ForZ) was commissioned by Touch Compass for their public digital installation I-Waenga. Featuring singing bowls, cicadas and a litany of humming, it is a multi-layered meditation on the non-linear, circular temporalities of disability.

Exhibition notes: "A low vibrational, echoing sound begins to build in volume. It is made up of the high-pitched singing of cicadas on a summers night, a low pitched single tone vocal hum and circular vibrations and sounds of a leather and wooden paddle being run around the edge of two copper singing bowls. The feeling is dreamlike, drowsy and oceanic; basking in the sun on a warm day where you lie between sleeping and waking. A slow melodic three note vocal humming begins at around 10 seconds, a tune that rises and falls. It is repeated over and over. Right after it a second repeated melodic vocal hum comes in, three different harmonised tones rising and falling. The two hummed melodies slowly dance between and through the cicada singing, the single tonal hum and the bowls. The piece meanders and moves like the ebbs and flows of a tide back and forth, or the rise and fall of breath, louder and softer in parts. As it draws to an end all sound disappears but the first three tone melodic vocal hum, which echoes with the low vibrations of a bowl and then fades out."


Kanngieser A Invocation (For Z)
Field recording, voice, audio composition
Surround, 1’10
Curated in I-Waenga, Touch Compass, Auckland Live, Aotearoa/ New Zealand