AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

audio works Listening as Relation, an Invocation CTM Festival: Discourse Series – Critical Modes of Listening 2021

What does it mean to listen through a time of global ecocide? The long arcs of racial capitalism and colonisation have classified the world as resource, which fragments relational ways of being and knowing. The colonial drive for knowledge as possession, to know and assert the world, shapes encounters with environments, making the listening disposition one of exploration and domination. In this performance lecture, geographer and sound artist AM Kanngieser and Métis/otipemisiw anthropologist Zoe Todd will play with listening as a practice of weaving together through relation, of finding possibilities for attunement. Attunement means to bring into tune, to hear for resonances or moments of intersection. Using the form of an invocation, Kanngieser and Todd will bring together sounds, voice and prose to reflect on the European impetus of separation of people, ecologies and culture.

Kanngieser A and Todd Z 2021 Listening as Relation, an Invocation. CTM Festival: Discourse Series – Critical Modes of Listening, Berlin. 19-31 January. [Online]