AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

academic publication Geopolitics and the Anthropocene: Five propositions for sound Geohumanities 2015

This appeal calls for sound to be considered as a geophilosophical provocation to, and a method for, political thought. It arises from experiments in ways of knowing and inhabiting the world, gesturing toward disciplines concerned with sound, the politics of language, and the physical and philosophical environment. Anchoring sound as an inherently political medium, it outlines five propositions on inequality, imperceptibility, translation, commons, and the future; it argues that these are critical arenas into which the particularities of sound afford inquiry. Developing this specific reading of sound positions the sonic as a means for opening spaces that challenge hegemonic and violent forms of subjectivation, which are productive of contemporary states of ecological and economic crisis.
Key Words: commons, geopolitics, inequality, sound, subjectivation.

Kanngieser, A 2015 Geopolitics and the Anthropocene: Five propositions for sound. Geohumanities 1: 80-85.

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