AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

talk workshop interview Artist interview: Enlivening our responsiveness to the world Green Dreamer 2024

For some reason, particularly in Western philosophy, silence is diminished to this idea of lack, loss, or emptiness when really silence tells us so much more than the omission of something. - AM Kanngieser

In this episode, geographer, writer, and sound artist Dr. AM Kanngieser invites us to reconsider the diverse ways in which we register both sound and silence — pushing back against the idea that listening itself is a virtuous act with universality in experience.
Through their own journey as a geographer and sound artist, Kanngieser sheds light on the colonial repercussions of extracting sound, knowledge, and information from landscapes and communities that have historically been taken from without consent.
What are the moral considerations for using recording technologies initially developed for military surveillance? How do we ask for permission to capture sounds—not just from the people of a place but also from the land themselves? And what does it mean to blur the boundaries of our various senses as we become more attuned and responsive to the world?

Kanngieser A 2024 Enlivening our responsiveness to the world Green Dreamer Episode 421 [Online]