AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

talk workshop interview Listening in Oceania CTM Festival: Discourse Series - Sustain 2024

Panel with Alofipo Fleur Ramsey, Mere Nailatikau, Joseph Kamaru. Moderated by Anita Jóri.

Talk notes:
An expert in Indigenous rights and international environmental law, Fleur Ramsay gives input on the current situation of peoples and places of the Pacific, giving context to the installation Oceanic Refractions. The artists AM Kanngieser, Mere Nailatikau, and KMRU then speak about their installation further with the scholar Anita Jóri, touching on how the work was conceptualised and created; on the Pacific context in which it is grounded; as well as on the techniques and ethics of working with testimony and field recordings.

CTM. Radialsystem, Berlin. 1 February [Online]