AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
EC To undo nature; on refusal as return Transmediale 2021 EC Ecofascism and Nature is Healing Heart of Glass 2020 EC Eulogy for the Handfish The Parallel Effect 2020 EC From environmental case study to environmental kin study History and Theory 2020 EC Artist Interview Radio Web MACBA (Son[i]a #314) Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art 2020 EC Listening to Ecocide Sonic Acts 2020 EC Tarawa Night Song Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw 2020 EC Un-ear-thing | Unwanted Liquid Architecture 2020 EC Weaponizing ecocide: Nauru, offshore incarceration, and environmental crisis The Contemporary Pacific 2020 EC Mining the Deep Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art 2019 EC Submersion Arts Centre Melbourne 2019 EC Climate change: Nauru’s life on the frontlines The Conversation 2018 EC Cooperating at the Frontlines of Climate Change: An interview with Anja Kanngieser Mediapart 2018 EC Environmental Art Companion to Environmental Studies 2018 EC In the Eye of the Storm Reina Sofia Museum of Contemporary Art 2018 EC In sonic defiance of extinction Transmediale Magazine 2018 EC Interview Pacific Mornings (ABC Australia) ABC Australia 2018 EC Interview Pacific Beat (ABC Australia) ABC Australia 2018 EC Not waving but drowning: Artist feature interview The Wire - Adventures in Sound and Music 2018 EC What does the end of the world sound like? Artist interview Outline Magazine 2018 EC Amplification//Annihilation Resonance FM 2017 EC Beholder Halfway: Field Recording and Pop Music Resonance FM 2017 EC On track to what? Colonialism, climate change and COP23 Red Pepper Magazine 2017 EC Overcoming abstractions, invisibilities and distance: Artful engagements with climate change WIREs Climate Change 2017 EC Refusing the world: Silence, commoning, and the Anthropocene South Atlantic Quarterly 2017 EC And Then The Sea Came Back Soundproof ABC Radio National 2016 EC Beholder Halfway: Climate, Capitalism and Crisis Resonance FM 2016 EC Stories of Extinction Liquid Architecture 2015 EC Listening to the Anthropocene: Sound and Ecological Crisis Liquid Architecture 2015 EC Orbis Emergent Ecologies 2015 EC Sound and the City Natural History Museum 2014 EC Reporting on 15th Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen Dissident Island and Resonance FM 2009