AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

talk workshop interview Research keynote: Ethics and ecocidal listening, Oceanic Refractions as an artistic case study Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture 2023

In her book Undrowned, Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals, Alexis Pauline Gumbs asks “how can we listen across species, across extinction, across harm?” (2020, 15). The question posed by Gumbs is one that many of us are actively grappling with. The catastrophes of climate crisis, expressions of the colonial-capitalist violences of white supremacy, are multiplying rapidly and the urgency to do something sits in tension with a lack of knowing what to do and how. While disciplines invested in tech are trying to forge ahead through ostensibly sustainable and green solutions, the arts are trying to communicate what is oftentimes barely comprehensible, let alone easily distilled. It is apparent that more interdependent orientations are needed, which foreground how people and communities relate to the earth as a part of the earth. In this talk I introduce the large scale installation Oceanic Refractions as a way to consider how to ethically share frontline stories to audiences with different ways of knowing and being.

Kanngieser A 2023 Ethics and ecocidal listening: Oceanic Refractions as an artistic case study. Keynote, Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, Habits of the Anthropocene, University of Colorado, 28 October [Online] [pdf]