AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

academic publication From environmental case study to environmental kin study History and Theory 2020

This article explores the relationships among place, knowing, and being in environmental histories. Grounding ourselves in the work of Indigenous scholars from North America and the Pacific, we propose a method of listening and attuning that can attend to the dislocation and abstraction often found in work addressing ecocide and environmental violence. Against the ubiquity of the case-study approach, we propose a method we call “kin study,” which invites more embedded, expansive, material, and respectful relations to people and lands. This article frames the issues and then proposes, though a dialogue, how kin studies may be constituted and applied in studying environmental histories of the Pacific and Western Canada.

Keywords: listening, kin study, case study, environment, Indigenous Studies, place

Kanngieser A and Todd Z 2020 From environmental case study to environmental kin study. History and Theory 59(3): 385-393

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