AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

non academic publication In sonic defiance of extinction Transmediale Magazine 2018

In this highly networked era, the possibilities for experimental sound to communicate stories about the world feel particularly open. In the last few decades, the evolution of online music communities, alongside collective physical spaces in which to experience these sounds (including festivals such as CTM), have created new environments to incubate cross-boundary, often international and collaborative sound works. Some of these artists and collectives emerging from these are explicitly concerned with, and motivated by, the use of sound to intervene in political and social questions: histories of oppression and slavery, corporate states, urban gentrification and the silencing of marginalised voices.

Kanngieser A, Gibb R and Rekret P 2018 In sonic defiance of extinction Transmediale Magazine: 26-30 [Online]