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Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
EC audio works In the Eye of the Storm Reina Sofia Museum of Contemporary Art 2018

Exhibition notes:
This project was commissioned by Reina Sofia Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a companion piece to And then the Sea Came Back, and part of a series of work exploring the ocean as a site of colonial expansion, environmental racism and global environmental change. In the Eye of the Storm contains reflections on the aftermath of Cyclone Winston, a Category 5 storm that devastated Fiji in 2016, told by Fijian poets, artists and scientists.

Kanngieser A, Lavaki K, Rabuka A, Rigsby A, Sipeli P and Stanton P 2018 In the Eye of the Storm.
Field recording, composition, voice, poetry
Stereo, 33’40
Curated by Maria Andueza Olmedo. Read by Anja Kanngieser, Krystelle Lavaki, Atueta Rabuka, Amelia Rigsby and Peter Sipeli. Sound design by Polly Stanton. Reina Sofia Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid [Online]

Subsequent exhibitions/ broadcasts:
Late Junction. BBC Radio 3. 14 November 2018

EP experimental politics
SG sonic governance
LSO labour and self-organisation
SL sound and listening
EC environmental change