AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
LSO academic publication Collaboration, competition, aspiration: Creative labour in Shanghai Subjectivity 2012

This article introduces and opens discussion on some of the conditions and ambivalences encountered by the rising creative workforce in Shanghai, through engagement with theories of immaterial labour. Drawing from conversations with several Chinese creative workers, the text aims to provoke thought on the potential for political organisation and resistance within fractalised creative sectors mobilised by high levels of innovation, entrepreneurialism, competition and aspiration. By focusing on processes of subjectivation and desire, it calls for considerations of what might constitute political registers in the Shanghainese creative fields.
Keywords: creative labour, subjectivation, Bifo Berardi, Shanghai, young workers

Kanngieser, A 2012 Creative labour in Shanghai: Questions on politics, composition and ambivalence. Subjectivity 5: 54-74

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EP experimental politics
SG sonic governance
LSO labour and self-organisation
SL sound and listening
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