AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
SL audio works Between dying and death there is a hum Rewire Festival for Adventurous Music 2021

‘Between Dying and Death there is a Hum’ is an intimate journalling of grief, parental death and intergenerational trauma linked to wider constellations of embodiment, cycles of mourning and repair and oceanic tides and flows. This site specific work invites the audience into a space of collective listening and reflection on how land and water hold onto and release memory, histories and emotions.

Kanngieser A 2021 Between dying and death there is a hum.
Voice, fieldrecordings
Surround, 21'30
Commissioned by Rewire Festival, Netherlands. 6-10 May [Online]

EP experimental politics
SG sonic governance
LSO labour and self-organisation
SL sound and listening
EC environmental change