AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
SL audio works And always, I return to this Transmediale 2021

This three-part collaborative audio and visual litany draws listeners into a reconsideration of refusal, understood here not necessarily as resistance, but also as a return, as a turning back. A companion piece to AM Kanngieser’s transmediale text 'To undo nature; On refusal as return' the composition builds a circular momentum across oceanic times and bodies to reflect on the articulations of the past within the present world, collapsing the distance of history. In doing so, it holds the tensions between loss and perpetual transfiguration together. The three visual works by Johanna Hedva, from their ongoing series of Wart Paintings, speak to these tensions: Hedva creates each one as an accumulation of both textual and pigmented material, following the topology of surface tensions, with each image buttressed by sentences from early drafts of Kanngieser’s text.

Kanngieser A and Hedva J 2021 And always, I return to this.
Field recording, guitar, voice, singing bowls, audio composition
Transmediale Almanac for Refusal, 1 November

EP experimental politics
SG sonic governance
LSO labour and self-organisation
SL sound and listening
EC environmental change