AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

Academic Curriculum Vitae
academic publication Introduction: What moves us? Affective micropolitics in art and activism Parallax 2013

Over the past decade, creative modes of dissent have increasingly been capturing the imagination of international social and political movements, the academy and gallery curators. In their emphasis on the affective and the aesthetic, practices of so- called ‘creative politics’ have sought to both remake traditional political practices of resistance and expand our notion of the space of the political by connecting what moves us affectively to what moves us politically. While much discussion has taken place around the general paradigm of creative modes of dissent, there has been less exploration of the affective and micropolitical aspects that underpin them and which are essential to their communicative and connective operations. This special issue hopes to address this gap by examining not just the forms and effects of such dissent, but also how they work and why.

Kanngieser, A and Grindon, G 2013 Introduction: What moves us? Parallax 19(2): 1-6.

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