AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

academic publication And…and…and…The transversal politics of performative encounters Deleuze Studies 2012

This paper examines Guattari’s notion of transversality through a creative and ambiguous form of political intervention, the performative encounter. Drawing from Guattari’s work on subject groups, in combination with Deleuze’s conjunctive ‘and’, via contemporary theorisations of creative activism and affect, it maps out a movement that destabilises categorical dualisms between activists and non-activists, artists and non-artists. It proposes that transversals such as those enacted by the performative encounter open spaces for the emergence of new subjectivities, relations and worlds. In doing so it critically extends Guattari’s conceptualisations of political organisation, group subjectivation and aesthetics into radical political terrains that are antagonistic of the nation-state and capital at the same time as being affirmative of possible present and future conditions.
Keywords: transversality, performative encounter, aesthetics, activism, affect

Kanngieser, A 2012 ... And ... and ... and ... The transversal politics of performative encounters. Deleuze Studies (Special Issue Félix Guattari in the Age of Semiocapitalism) 6(2): 265-291

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