AM Kanngieser

Transversal Geographies

EP Research keynote: On not knowing (for that which cannot be imagined) Transmediale 2022 EP Introduction to Podcasting Manual untitled 2018 EP A micro-history of ‘convivial’ radio in Japan Parallax 2013 EP Experimental Politics and the Making of Worlds Routledge 2013 EP Introduction: What moves us? Affective micropolitics in art and activism Parallax 2013 EP And…and…and…The transversal politics of performative encounters Deleuze Studies 2012 EP Towards a careful listening Minor Compositions 2012 EP Towards a Careful Listening: Sound, Gender, Feminism, Activism Sound: Gender: Feminism: Activism/ Her Noise Archive 2012 EP Catalyst radio: Towards a radical UK internet radio network Sourcefabric 2011 EP Breaking out of the specialist “ghetto” Thamyris/ Intersecting 2010 EP Cultural workers, throw down your tools, the Metropolis is on strike Myrdle Court Press 2010 EP Future functions: Aspiration, desire and futures Blood and Thunder Press 2010 EP Interview with Japanese radio maker Tetsuo Kogawa Dissident Island Radio 2010 EP Vocabulaboratories Vocabulaboratories 2009 EP Gestures of everyday resistance: The significance of play and desire in the Umsonst politics of collective appropriation Translate 2007 EP Negotiating speech and organizational practices: Field notes and reflections from two counter-G8 (2007) initiatives Mute 2007 EP Reporting on Pirate Radio, Naarm/ Melbourne Untitled 2007